Monday, 24 November 2008

Use The Allowed Sites Function Too

The allowed sites function within your adsense control panel allows you to control what websites or web pages displays your adsense ads and personal earning code, this is particularly useful when you don't want your adsense code appearing on google banned sites like those that promote drugs, violence and all that illegal stuff your momma warned you against in the world.

This has become a slight problem for other bloggers and webmasters out there who have had their ad code swiped with their adsense id too with the whole intentional purpose of maliciously getting other peoples adsense accounts banned, this tool provides up to 200 allowed site url's to be added, so it's best to list all the websites you have your adsense code on.

Use this tool to your advantage early on, so you stay within the policies of Adsense and keep your account earning money for you.

The Competitive Ad Filter

The competitive ad filter is one of them great features of the adsense control panel, it enables you to filter out the ads that don't provide any value to people that click off your site on to someone elses, these no value sites are what are termed as "made for adsense sites" that only hold ads and nothing much else, because they pay per click on the adwords program there is more of a chance that adsense ads for their sites appear on others all around the internet as sponsored listings.

Ads that have the url tiny or are the usual suspects of this greedy practice for earning through adsense, other sites may be good sites but are not really relevant,so some of these you need to filter out by adding the urls to these sites as filters, if you have some sizeable traffic, then this could boost your adsense earnings.

The made for adsense sites are sort of the type of sites that almost intercept your potential earnings and you'll notice these types in your account as they are the ones that pay a few cents - filter the garbage out today!