Sunday, 3 August 2008

Optimizing Each Page For Maximum Effect On Your Earnings

While this is only one technique it is one of the best to implememt on your blog or website, because the title of your article or blog post is important in regards to the optimization of adsense ads, see to the right how the adsense ads are being targeted towards adsense related advertisements, this is targeted keyword SEO at it's best.

Other keyword strategies would have you implement these changes page wide and even site wide, which is what you should be doing, but in the case of a blog you can easily add these targeted keyword specifics when you write each article, I recommend using the Google adwords keyword search tool to help you find and research keyword lists you could draw inspiration for your articles from, plus you can see what keywords are estimated to pay in adsense and the search volumes for commonly searched keywords, this is vital statistics.

Optimizing your content should be a routine that you follow on all content that you create, and are the main adsense tips you should concentrate on in adsense

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